The Toronto Blue Jays Customizable Jersey Chair

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Under most circumstances you can expect to receive your custom chair in 4-8 weeks.
The Toronto Blue Jays Jersey Chair

This jersey chair is manufactured using an officially licensed MLB jersey.

Weight:  45 lbs
Dimensions: 31” Wide X 34” Deep X 37” Tall

All chairs are fabricated using the modern day jersey depicted. Should there be inventory discrepancies with the modern day jersey, we will contact you to advise if a previous year’s jersey or alternate jersey version would be acceptable.

Each of our chairs is custom hand-crafted in Aurora, Ontario. You won’t find any assembly lines or robots in our workshop… just skilled Craftsmen with an eye for detail and a passion for creating the most unique fan chairs.

Chairs sold by Best Seat In The House Inc. are not officially licensed products. They are however, hand-crafted using officially licensed fabrics or jerseys.

Best Seat In the House Inc. is not affiliated with or sponsored by the: NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, CFL, NLL, NCAA, NASCAR, MLS, FIFA or UEFA (or its various Teams).

Best Seat In The House Inc. products are not created or sold in association with the: NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL, CFL, NLL, NCAA, NASCAR, MLS, FIFA or UEFA trademarks (or its various Teams) and no warranties commonly associated with these brands will be honoured with the purchase.

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