Send Us Your Jersey!


Here’s How It Works

1. Rescue your favorite sports team jersey, or child's minor league team jersey from the closet or drawer.
2. Purchase the "Send Us Your Jersey" chair from our website, and fill out the requested details.
3. After your checkout, ensure you print and send a copy of your order confirmation and include it with the item you intend to send to us.
4. Wash your item, pack it up with love & care and send it to Best Seat In The House Inc.
5. Sit back, relax and let Best Seat In The House Inc. handle the rest! 

Shipping Your Item To Us: Always choose to ship your item to us using a carrier and service which will provide you with a tracking number for your item. This will allow you to trace your item and ensure we receive it. 

 Inspection Of Your Item: Our team will inspect your item or jersey upon receipt for any issues or concerns with the item that you send us. You will be notified should there be any concerns with your provided jersey in the event it is not approved for production. Should your item not be approved, it is the responsibility of the client to pay for the shipping to have your item sent back to you.

 Officially Licensed Products: Should your jersey or jacket be from a licensed or registered sports team, or carry any registered trademarks; your item must be an authentic, officially licensed product. We will not create chairs using counterfeit, unofficial, homemade or unlicensed products. We reserve the right to decline or refuse any jerseys or jackets provided to us if we feel your item is not official. You may be required to present your original proof of purchase should we feel your item was not manufactured or acquired from a licensed official retailer.

 Disclaimer: Each of our chairs are hand-crafted . You won’t find any assembly lines or robots in our workshop. Just skilled craftsmen with an eye for detail and a passion for creating the most unique fan chairs.

While our skilled craftsmen are experts at cutting and reworking jerseys and apparel  items to conform to our patented designed chairs, we must advise you that Best Seat In the House Inc. assumes no liability or risk when working with customer supplied jerseys and jackets in the event of any damage which may occur during the cutting and upholstering process.

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